The word that describes this past year is

Bradley, 12
congenital bone condition

I wish to meet FDNY firefighters

As his wish unfolds, Brad discovers a new goal: He will devote himself to be a dispatcher, to help firefighters go where they’re needed. It’s a transformation that convinces Brad that he can overcome limitations and make the world better.

Destinee, 12
blood disorder

I wish to go on a cruise

Destinee is about to embark on a Caribbean cruise. For the first time ever, she’ll feel just like any other kid on vacation. She’ll set aside her medical condition – and make new friends, see new places and try new activities. No limits, no worries.

Grace, 6
inflammatory muscular disorder

I wish to be in my own fairytale

An entire community pulls together to grant Grace’s wish. As the star of her fairytale, she encounters characters and creatures straight from her own imagination. The entire day is Grace’s vision of a life where only great things happen.

Lauren, 4
Wilm's tumor

I wish to give back hope and comfort

Lauren’s one true wish isn’t to be, to go, to have, or to meet. She wants to give. She imagines a bunny blanket like hers for each patient in the hospital, each a gift of hope and comfort. Lauren’s mom, Marlena, is overcome with pride. “I’ve always said ‘when I grow up, I want to be like Lauren.’”

Kennedy, 6
brain tumor

I wish to meet real ballerinas

The night before Kennedy’s brain surgery, she meets her wish granter for the first time. Together, they imagine all the possibilities of a wish experience. For Kennedy and her family, it’s the first time in months that they’ve looked forward to the future.

Daniella, 6
acute lymphoblastic leukemia

I wish to have a Yorkshire terrier puppy

Daniela hadn’t even reached her seventh birthday before she was diagnosed with leukemia. But now, even the most difficult of her treatments are a little easier to face. That’s because of Daisy: her new puppy and reason to stay strong.

Riley, 14
Pulmonary condition

I wish to be a Marine

Every day for Riley is a struggle. His day as a Marine put him alongside some of the toughest people around. But the Marines taught Riley that he shares their brand of grit – and that he can face any challenge.

Dawson, 11
life-threatening heart defect

I wish to go to Hawaii

In Hawaii, Dawson surfs. Swims with dolphins and turtles. Feeds sea lions. Yes, the heart condition he has lived with since birth is an obstacle – but he’s already thinking about where his next adventure will take him.

Sarah, 17
life-threatening neurological disorder

I wish to ski

Sarah’s illness did more than keep her from skiing – it took away all her time on the slopes with her dad. Today, Sarah skis with her dad again … and for the U.S. Paralympic development team.

Erik, 13
congenital heart condition and cancer

I wish to be a superhero

A dark cloud descends upon Western Washington … Bzzzt! Suddenly, Erik is no longer a mere 13-year-old burdened by medical conditions. He rises as Electron Boy – wielder of the lightning sword, master of rippling electric power. Millions worldwide celebrate what he proclaims “the best day of my life.”

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